under the tree w/ Kaspar Rast (live concert) Cezar, Charlie and many more!

Club Supermarket [8005 Zürich]

Event info
Date: 17.10.2020
Time: 20:00
Location: Club Supermarket
Address: Geroldstrasse 17 8005 Zürich
Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/345109563404465

We’re back by mid of October to bring you one of our most multifaced editions of the year with our very first live concert!

On this sixth edition of the year we’re having our first live percussion performance with Kaspar Rast at Supermarket and for all those who’ve been part of Nick Bertsch’s Ronin sessions with Rast know that he’s an extraordinary artist

Rast, who comes from a family of violin makers, made his first self-taught experiences on his brother’s drums and his grandfathers’ tambourine drums at the age of five. He went to Jugendmusikschule Zürich with Peter Schneider and Robert Mark. He also learned piano and violin. From a young age he played in the Zurich Jazz scene. He also completed an apprenticeship as a violin maker and did a six-month study at the Drummers Collective in New York City.

Since the early 2000s he has been a member of Nik Bärtsch’s groups with whom he has recorded numerous albums. He has given concerts and toured Europe and South Africa as well as South America. In addition, he has worked with Jochen Baldes, Don Li and Lyn Leon. He can also be heard on albums by Nils Wograms Lush, David Costa, Jürg Grau, Shas Feckel (Greatest Hits) and Asita Hamidis Bazaar.

Since 1999 he has been involved in the sound development of Paiste

Next to our first percussion set we’ve none other than Cezar, one of Romania’s key figure of the minimal scene. It will be the grand-master-of-the-decks first time under the tree so get ready for a dark and enchanting set!

On top of that our all-time favourite Charlie is back behind the booth of our beloved grocery store. There is nobody as powerful as he is. Charlie is just a heavyweight champ in what he’s doing, and everyone that had the chance to listen to one of his sets know that he has what it takes to make the club go out of control!

Next to the two international DJ’s we’re really happy to have Trüb and Orel, our favourite DJ duo back at our favourite grocery store!

Besides to the power duo we’ll add Pedram on our line-up. The local digger has been accumulating over the past years a very serious collection of finest records that are guaranteed to bring the house down.

Come and discover what’s under the tree…
17th of October // doors open at 20:00 // Supermarket

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