under the tree – the second anniversary

Club Supermarket [8005 Zurich]

Event info
Date: 25.12.2019
Time: 23:00
Location: Club Supermarket
Address: Geroldstrasse 17 8005 Zurich
Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2516353368479251/

under the tree is turning two and as you should know we like to celebrate our anniversary properly!
That’s why we decided to set up a 25 hours party on the 25th of December to end a very special year with you. We’ve invited some of the scene’s most wanted selectors, with artists who have never been here before, strong back-to-back’s, special sets and visuals who will take us to another sphere.
This time we have prepared a get-together who’ll be more than just a party…
We’re going to have a very cosy relaxation corner with Christmas treats, mulled wine, hot tea and fruits so you can remineralize and revitalize yourself after long hours on the floor of our favourite grocery store.
Get prepared for an extended Christmas edition w/

It will be his first time under the tree, but the excellent selector is already a very familiar face at Supermarket!
To have him at on of our parties means a lot to us and we can’t wait till he sets the groove at Supermarket.

It’s almost one year ago that caLLy visited us here in Zürich!
If you’ve witnessed the triple trouble at our February-Edition where caLLy ended up playing back to back with Dyed Soundorom and our very own Romano Corsini you should know what’s waiting for you!
caLLy will play a special, extended set during the day the 26th of December.

It has been a while that one of Romania’s most wanted duo is on our radar and we finally have them under the tree. When these two team up it means some serious damage on the floor so better get ready for an intoxicating and strong set of Cosmjn and Lizz!

Dan Andrei
Yes, one of our absolute favourites is back at Supermarket!
After his last visit in May next to Rossko and Jan Krueger you should know this Romanian Boss and integral part of Sunwaves and [a:rpia:r]. He will take us to another sphere, cause Dan Andrei is well known for sounds straight out of other galaxies and he’s definitely not from planet earth!

The resident from our close friends from Bermuda is going to represent the local side of our get-together. He is always on top with his selection and knows how to set some powerful vibe on the floor. Locking forward to have him for the first time under the tree!

Romano Corsini b2b Ragan
After an incredible set next to Supermarket owner Sandro Bohnenblust at our last afterparty we had to bring back our beloved Ragan. The head behind the Unique party-series will play shoulder on shoulder next to one of under the tree’s bosses Romano Corsini.

Visuals by Trig Fardust

Without YOU there would be no US!
Come and discover what’s under the tree…
25th of December // doors open 23:00 // 25h non-stop // Supermarket

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