Art of Club Guesthouse

Club Supermarket [8005 Zürich]

Event info
Date: 25.09.2020
Time: 22:00
Location: Club Supermarket
Address: Geroldstrasse 17 8005 Zürich
Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/329669934904602

G76 & Zefzeed
(all night long)

Club Guesthouse and Supermarket team up on Friday, 25th of September, for an all night long showcase of the esteemed Bucharest club on Swiss grounds.

Launched in 2010, Club Guesthouse has long been the bedrock of Bucharest’s tight-knit minimal tech-house community, hosting a regular rotation of local talents and scene leaders among a pool of renowned international guests. As time went by, it became notorious for its never-ending parties, spectacular sound clarity and a discerning booking policy.

Representing the club’s flavor, G76 and Zefzeed are bringing to the table a top-notch sound, where every listen is memorable. There’s a heavy, elemental vibe to their sound, thanks largely to the duo’s bold and straightforward 4/4 beats. The gloomy outcome is a reveal of their mental landscapes, clearly breaking all patterns through the way they suffuse their music with layers of nerve-wracking ambient textures, keeping things excitingly dark.

Come and experience the art of Club Guesthouse on the 25th of September at Supermarket. We´re starting at ten.

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